Operating Systems and System Programming

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Last updated 19 May 2002

Dennis Ritchie (standing) and Ken Thompson begin porting UNIX to the PDP-11 via two Teletype 33 terminals (click to enlarge)

Hi! This is my TA page for CS162, the operating systems course at UC Berkeley EECS. Please see the official CS162 home page for complete details on the course. I will be using this page to provide news, information, and links to the students in my sections.
The final exam is on Thursday May 23, from 12:30 to 2 in 1 Pimentel.
The deadline for making alternative exam arrangements is Thursday noon, May 16.

See Project Group Palmpix here!
Design Document Instructions:Design Document Information
The final-design doc is due 24 hours after your final-code submission. Group evaluations are due 48 hours after your final-code submission.

Additional Requirement: The final-design doc should include your test cases (not test code).

Name your document projN-design.ps (N is an integer).
Submission commands for preliminary design and final design (N is an integer):
1. submit projN-design
2. submit projN-final-design


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Section Times: Contact: Please direct most questions regarding the course to the official newsgroup, ucb.class.cs162.
Section Notes

These are notes I use in my sections. They will often contain details not actually covered in section or lecture, so they might be useful reading for you.

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