Publish/Subscribe/ Notify Event Model

DDProfileManager Interface

    This module manages user profile information. The information is defined by the application.

public long createProfile(String str)
    this adds the user's profile information (ie email address) and returns a DDS Key (long).
public void deleteProfile(String str)
    this deletes the a user's profile information
public String lookupProfile(long key)
    this looks up user's profile information by their unique identifier and returns the information (ie email address)

DDGroupManager Interface

    This module manages the group information such as a list of members who have subsribed to a channel.

public long createGroup(String name)
    this creates a group, adds it to the DDS and returns the group indentifier
public void addMember(long key)
    this adds a user profile Key to the DDS
public Vector lookupMembers(String str)
    this looks up all the members in a group and returns a list of their unique identifiers
public void destroyGroup(String name)
    this deletes the entire group