Barbara Hohlt

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Hi, I am a Ph.D. graduated May 2005 from the Computer Science Division of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. My research interests are distributed systems, networking, and wireless sensor networks. I have related interests in mobile and pervasive computing.  Formerly, I was an original member of the TinyOS and Network Embedded Systems Technology (NEST) project groups at UC Berkeley with Professor Eric Brewer. The TinyOS/Nest projects are developing an experimental hardware/software platform for investigating low-cost, large-scale wireless sensor networks. My research addresses the issue of radio power consumption and battery life. Wireless sensor networks must operate untethered and unattended on the order of years. Because the radio subsystem is the dominant cost of power consumption in these networks it is critical to significantly reduce protocol traffic and explicitly schedule radio on/off times. Flexible Power Scheduling (FPS) is a novel network architecture approach for scheduling the radio in wireless sensor networks. Such a facility exploits a two-level architecture and structured communication as a means to achieve the low duty cycles required for wireless multihop sensor networks.

Visit the FPS Project Page .
A talk on Network Power Scheduling .

I  worked on Automatic Path Creation ("Ninja Paths") and Interactive Voice Response on the ICEBERG  project with Professor Anthony Joseph and Professor Randy Katz. The ICEBERG Release is here.

I worked on the B-tree Storage Layer for Distributed Data Structures on the Ninja project with Professor Anthony Joseph, Professor Eric Brewer, and Steve Gribble. My Master's Thesis (errata).

Lot's of people ask me for the code to my ViaVoice Custom Audio Library for File I/O. Here's the download and readme. The Media Manager Service and Transcoder Service make use of this custom audio library.

Spring Semester 2002, I was a Teaching Assistant for  CS162: Operating Systems and System Programming. Here is my TA page for CS162.


Computer Science Division, EECS
UC Berkeley
Berkeley CA 94720-1776
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